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RE-RO STAV s.r.o ®   ...Stavebná činnosť...

Company Status RE-RO Ltd. from established in Jánovce / in Pporade / is dynamically rozvíjacou

    companies operating in sádrovích liatích spawn, plasters and machine

  and all construction activities
. Our company has a long tradition and a 100% success in

  their field.
ist of declared activities of the company:

    * Masonry work
    * Implementation of structures and their changes
    * Implementation of simple buildings, small buildings and their changes
    * Lešenárske work - assembling and dismantling scaffolding
    * The demolition, demolition, site preparation, landscaping
    * Installation of partitions and suspended ceilings with dry technology of bulk-produced parts
    * Exchange and osadzovanie windows, sills osadzovanie such building openings
    * Purchase of goods for the purposes of sale to the ultimate consumer (retail) to the extent of free trades
    * The purchase of goods for sale to other business operators (wholesale) in the range of free trades
    * Trade mediation to the extent of free trades
    * Referral services and production
    * Business marketing consulting and market research
    * Freight carried by road transport vehicles with a gross weight up to 3.5 tonnes including trailer
    * Rental property, residential and nonresidential facilities providing other than basic services associated with renting
    * Hiring of movables in the range of free trades
    * Installation of fireplace and chimney systems of finished components
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